a little more about me

I am a born + bred Eastern Shore gal, and I can tell you of all the places I've traveled, this little place on the planet will always be my favorite. There's absolutely nothing I love more than the feeling of sand under my feet, the smell of Old Bay and butter, a bushel of #1 Jimmy's, and a sunset over the water.

. . a few words to describe moi . .

  • Storyteller
  • Coffee connoisseur.
  • Book enthusiast.
  • Thalassophile.
  • Keeper of the snacks.

That last one probably gave away that I'm a mama, and of all the roles I've had in my life, this one has been my most favorite.

Although I have always had an affinity for photography, it was actually my motherhood experience that kickstarted this journey. On the eve of my daughter's birthday a few years ago, I went to make the obligatory photo collage for my Instagram/Fb post when it dawned on me that all throughout those thousands of photos of her, I struggled to find photos of the two of us. Very commonly, as a mom, you're "behind" the camera and rarely in front. I started to wonder how many other moms were in the same boat as me. Turns out, I wasn't alone. I knew I was going to do something about that.

Every spring, I feature "Mama + Me" minis, typically in April (in plenty of time before Mother's Day). I will never not do these because that's just how important they are to me.

I wear many hats. In addition to being a photographer, I am also a full time nurse practitioner. Prior to this, I was an ER nurse for several years. I am both an East Carolina and Duke graduate. Don't worry, even if you're a Carolina fan, we can still be friends! I truly love what I do and have found it to be such a rewarding career.

My husband and I are on the go constantly, but I truly live for it if I'm being real. Our 3 kiddos keep us on the go & on our toes (and ours are from Pre-K to a high school senior), so needless to say, you don't usually hear the word 'bored' in our household! You'll be sure to catch us at the bowling alley, a baseball field, or the beach depending on the time of the year!

Photography has been such a creative outlet for me, and considering the fact that I have always been more left-brained, I have certainly enjoyed watching the expressive artist in me come to life. It's one thing to be able to mechanically compose an image, but I find beauty in the mundane and being able to take something from ordinary to extraordinary is a talent I pride myself on.

I love connecting with people. I love learning what makes you tick, what motivates you. Each of us has a story that deserves to be told. We have so much to learn from each other, and I am totally here for it.

super fun facts

( about yours truly )

favorite place?

the beach

bucket list?

a month exploring Europe
vacay to Bora Bora
own beachfront property

favorite city?

Charleston, SC
New York City
Chincoteague, VA 💕

favorite dessert?

bananas foster

favorite music artist?

Kip Moore (yall, I'd travel this whole world to see that man)

coffee order?

skinny mocha latte

favorite authors?

Dorothea Benton Frank
Mary Kay Andrews
Colleen Hoover

favorite foods?

NY style pizza
steamed crabs

guilty pleasure?

solo trip to Barnes + Noble
coffee in hand
no time limit